About Us

We believe that brands that connect emotionally via true brand purpose, with an idea at their very core, are the brands with the power to create global meaning and competitive advantage.


In 2011, Selza International Inc. took root in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Today, our national presence and international reach support companies producing and selling gourmet foods and perishable products around the globe. We’re nimble. We’re mobile. And one thing we all share is a love for premium gourmet foods – and we take great joy in promoting companies, grower-shippers, and brands that bring the bounty of our nation to kitchens, lunchrooms, restaurants, and dining tables all over the world.


We work with gourmet food businesses to market, brand, promote, sell, and distribute globally.

We work with established brands and internal marketing departments, small or new brands, producing directly with the owners and executive team, and function as their marketing department. We also work throughout the supply chain to support operations, distribution, and customer service.


We get it. We understand start-up. We live traditional. And we breathe well-established brands. We strive for cost-effective results for your marketing and branding dollars. We’re hard-working marketers who roll up our sleeves and get things done backing when and where needed, whether in marketing, sales, administration, or operations. We approach our client relationships as a true partnership and believe nothing is more important than thoughtful planning and strategy. We value communication and transparency. We’ll ask tough questions and give you straight answers. We also play well with others.

Brands We Work With

We work with some of the world’s most exciting brands across a vast range of categories to create better brand positioning and brand conceived innovation.

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